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Sugarwood's Fitting and Lesson Room
NEW Foresight GC Quad!
Get all the data to help your swing!

GC Quad Launch Monitor

Get the data you need to improve

Get instant feedback during club fitting!

Details on each shot

  • Ball speed

  • Club speed

  • Back spin

  • Side spin

  • Distance

  • Launch Angle

  • Angle of Attack

  • Club face path

  • Club face angle

Whether taking lessons or getting fit, Sugarwood's launch monitor helps provide you with the best insight into your swing.
The Foresight Launch Monitor in our teaching and club-fitting studio is used to determine the perfect combination of ball speed, launch 
angle and backspin for optimal performance.
Don't pay too much for your golf equipment at big box stores!
Sugarwood offers complete club fitting.  From simple loft and lie to building a custom set.  Getting fit improves your consistency by fitting the clubs to you!
Our professional club-fitting staff are trained and certified from:
  • Ping
  • Mizuno
  • Titleist
  • Taylormade
  • Callaway
Sugarwood can regrip, repair or replace golf clubs.
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