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Adult Lesson Prices

30 Minute Private lesson: $60

9 Hole Playing lesson: $125

Junior Lesson Prices

                          (Ages 16 and Under)

30 minute Private Lesson: $50


Phil Butcher

Head Golf Professional

Phil has been with Sugarwood since 2012. He holds club fitting certifications from Ping and Titleist. Phil is a knowledgable and experienced teacher with thousands of hours under his belt. 

5 Lesson Package $225


5 Lesson Package: $250

"There are many different methods to learn to play the game of golf and there are just as many ways of instructing it.
Every individual has the ability to improve their game. Not every golf swing needs to be completely rebuilt though. My teaching philosophy involves improving on the set of skills you possess to get the desired results you want.
Whether you're an excited beginner or a seasoned veteran I can help you recognize what you already have and improve on those qualities. 
I strive to not only help improve the physical attributes of our junior golfers but also to promote the ettiquette, integrity, and sportsmanship of the game.
Lessons are available 7 days a week. I make every effort to schedule lessons at the convenience of the student."

Phil Butcher

Sugarwood Golf Club

Pro Shop: (304) 523-6500    Cell :(304)633-4788


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